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Which 'Drone' is the big question?

We have been trying a few different types of drones recently as we will be filming many of our outdoor activities, challenges and events. With technology getting better every day and huge advances in battery life we have been looking at all of the options available for our requirements. The factors we have been considering are size, battery life and film quality and we are very impressed with the new DJI Phantom 4. Each battery offers a fly time of around 27-29minutes so having 3 batteries pretty much covers all of our filming needs even on Scotland expeditions such as 'Wild Assynt by Canoe' over 5 days.

Of course as a client you will receive a free complimentary copy of the footage to play around with and edit or download and keep the edited film that we will produce from your activity, event, or should you choose it, your amazing multi-day expedition with us. Keep watching for our soon to be released 1st drone film!!!

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