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Loch Ericht, Scotland

We do other stuff as well 

Beyond our Lake District operations we run many outdoor adventure expeditions to Scotland which is without question the UK's premier location for anything outdoors. Take a look at numerous trips on offer and we are confident there are a number of options to get your interest levels up.

Why not consider joining our 'Adventure Group' which gives you discounted courses, training and expedtions throughout the year. Learn new skills, meet new people and explore many new areas. 

Have you ever wanted to visit the Himalaya's?? Most people do with a passion for walking and mountains. Why not come on one of our trips managed and run by ourselves with the assistance of our Nepalese friends that we have worked with for many, many years. Have a look at the trips we have planned in the few years and you might just get the urge to come along - we hope?

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