Kayak Ullswater Gallery

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Happy kayakers on Ullswater
Summer 2020 kayak session Ullswater
Tandem Racing
Ullswater Kayak Tour
Cruising gently along in our kayaks by Glenridding
Team Building Challenge
Complete a kayak challenge in the Lake District for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
Amazing views on Ullswater
Kayaking on Ullswater offers on an amazing experience every time whatever the weather.
Ullswater Outdoor Adventures
Simply point you boat in the direction you choose and paddle to find the adventure that lies ahead.
Kayaking on Ullswater
Sometimes you need to be out there to experience what the world is all about.
Tandem kayak experience on Ullswater
Learn how to paddle a tandem touring kayak on Ullswater and have the greatest time ever.
Happy Kayakers
A 3 hour trip around Derwent Water in our fast tandem sea kayaks.
Ullswater Big Horizon
If you want big skies then getting out in one of our tandem touring kayaks on Ullswater is the best way
Experience the Lake District
Come and join us on a paddle tour in the Lake District National Park. You won't be disappointed.
Ullswater Kayak Launch
Heading off on yet another kayaking adventure on Ullswater.
Kayaking on Ullswater
Kayak journeys and tours on Ullswater using our very stable Wilderness System Northstar tandem kayaks.
Ullswater Tandem Kayaking
Cruising out of Pooley Bridge towards Howtown
Ullswater Sunset Paddle
Get out on the water in the evening to experience the most amazing views and sunsets.
Kayak Journey
Launching the kayak for a 3 hour tour of Derwent Water.
Kayak Skills Session
High support stroke avoiding 'that' capsize!!
Hamish is going kayaking
Kayak Sailing
Keeping the rain off!
Escape from the Kayak!!!
Murky Weather
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