Ullswater Kayak & Cliff Jump

Paddling a kayak on Ullswater in itself is a fantastic  experience but who doesn't like jumping into water from a challenging height? We are fortunate that Ullswater has 3 locations where jumping into the lake can be undertaken safely and the heights vary from a few feet up to whopping 25 feet!! This session will see you exploring parts of the lake for a few hours and finishing with some airtime and plenty of big splashes. Full wetsuits are provided for the finale you'll be pleased to hear. Jumping into the lake is optional but it should be noted that once you have gone once there will be no stopping you after that!! As part of our session we really do like to capture you in action both in photos and video which will be sent to you to keep.

When: May - September

Group Size: Single sea kayaks (4 people), tandem sea kayaks (8 people), open canoes (6 people)

Duration: 3 hour sessions. 9am -12 or 1.00pm - 4.00pm or by special arrangement 4.30pm-7.30pm

Price:£45pp We do offer special family rates (please ask)

What we provide: All technical paddling equipment. Wetsuits, water shoes, full set of waterproofs, neoprene hat and gloves for jump. We carry a large amount of safety items including spare warm clothing, hot drinks so no need to be 'too' cold at any point.